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Work in Germany !

Earn about10X more for your job than you
would in your homeland!


Germany needs foreign employees - this is your chance!

Germany is one of the wealthiest, safest and most beautiful countries in the world.

But: There is a lack of workforce for various professions in Germany. There is therefore an urgent, constantly growing need for additional workers!

This is why Germany now allows employment of foreign workers from non-European countries under certain conditions!

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Do you have the right job?

You have a good chance for a German work permit if you belong to one of the following professions:

  • Health care workers (URGENTLY NEEDED: nurse, geriatric nurse)
  • Craftsmen (as long as your profession can be associated with the "STEM" areas as described below: for example electricians, plumbers)
  • STEM-professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Academics (Bachelor, Master or PhD) and specialists in other disciplines, if the potential German employment contract provides for a monthly salary of at least 3.150 Euro.
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Now you can apply for a job in Germany - without doing it yourself!

Our Job-Butler makes the nearly unimaginable possible for you:

This ingenious software

  • optimizes your job application,
  • scans the German labor market for you,
  • finds suitable offers for you,
  • sends your job application to the hiring companies,
  • communicates on your behalf,
  • provides additional information when requested,
  • determines the degree of interest of the job offering company,
  • and reports back only when it's established that a company is clearly interested in you – when they are virtually applying to you!

The page "How to apply" tells you more about your Job-Butler.

Find out why it's advantageous for you to apply directly in Germany: "How much can I earn"

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How much can I earn ?

Salary opportunities

Your salary in Germany is often 8 to 10 times more than what you earn in your homeland – and sometimes even considerably more than that.

The reason: There's no agency mediating between you and the employer. Instead, you directly  apply for a job advertised by the German employer using .
When you're hired you'll immediately earn according to German salary standards! You will be paid the same rate as your German colleagues.

Even in mid-level jobs and depending on your profession and work output, your monthly income could range from 1,800 Euros to well over 4,000 Euros, or 21,600 Euros to more than 48,000 Euros per year.

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Salary Informer

Our Salary Informer will show you examples of how much you can earn in Germany:

Take a look at what you could earn in Germany, by selecting your profession below.

Ø Monthly Salary in Ø Annual Salary in

Source: WSI-Lohnspiegel-Datenbank -
Note: The Federal Employment Agency officially states even higher wages.

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Additional Benefits

You can earn about 8 to 10 times more than what you earn in your homeland - and there even are additional benefits:

The additional, "indirect" salary benefits in Germany are also considerable:

  • You are completely covered by social security against: illness, long-term care, accident, unemployment. You are entitled to a retirement plan.
  • The weekly working hours for most professions are 37.5 to 40 hours.
  • You will normally work only 5 days per week.
  • You will receive a minimum of 24 to 28 paid leave days per year.
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What are the requirements ?


You are welcome - but not at all costs.

Germany does indeed have an urgent need for manpower. However, non-European employees will only be accepted when they meet technical, linguistic and other requirements.

We'll show you how you can achieve all these requirements.

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Official requirements

Depending on your profession and qualifications, there are different requirements for a German work permit.
Key criteria include, your vocational training, work experience and an actual job offer by a German company.

We provide you with detailed information regarding the professions permitted in Germany, the requirements that are applicable to you and your personal options.
We will examine in what areas and in what degree you comply with the official guidelines.
In addition, we will show you how you can practically achieve and prove these requirements.

For more information about this subject, we higly recommend the very informative and excellently designed website of the German Foreign Office: !

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They speak German in Germany – and if you want to work in Germany, you can't avoid learning the language.

There's good news for you: Learning German is easier than you think. And it's even fun! With modern teaching methods and the proper tools, you can learn German within a few months, alongside your full-time job, even if you don't have a "talent" for learning languages.

And if your main goal is to understand German as soon as possible then we offer you a very special feature:
A new and extremely efficient online crash course now makes it possible for you to learn the basics of the German language within just 20 days (only 2 hours of study time per day)!
This is a radical new type of training, because it renounces theory and grammar. It teaches you the 500 most important German words, which make up more than 50 percent of a normal German text.
This course is specifically tailored to your situation as job seeker and immigrant:
You'll learn over one hundred major common phrases that are used professionally and privately. You are trained with short, realistic dialogues. You'll be able to read and understand job vacancies. It helps you prepare and sucessfuly participate at job interviews (by phone or Skype) and puts you in a position to make yourself understood when you are in Germany.
Additionally, this crash course serves as an excellent base for applying for a German work visa, or for learning the German language at B1/B2 level.

Remember, knowing the language is important:
Firstly, to make yourself understood while searching for a job and during job interviews, while still in your home country.
Secondly, in many cases, a proof of sufficient basic knowledge of the German language is a must-have criterion for obtaining a German work visa.

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You invest in your future - and we help you.

You should estimate one to two months' German salary for the total cost of your job search and employment in Germany, depending on your individual circumstances and objectives.

These expenses will occur at different periods, depending on the progress of your job search and getting employment in Germany (for instance: language course first, ticket later). It is in some cases even quite common that your future employer partially or even completely takes over these costs.

Above all, we have developed two ideal possibilities for you to immediately reduce these costs or even decrease them to zero.

Nothing will stop you from starting your emigration preparations right now, because the cost aspect doesn't have to be an obstacle anymore!

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How do I apply ?

Your problem

You may not know Germany, you have never been there, you have no acquaintances there, you don't speak the language (yet). How will you find a job there?

Initially, you will be offered professional, friendly help and right advice from the start. From someone who is familiar with the recruitment processes in several countries.

Secondly, you can immediately start with your targeted job search on the German job market on a daily basis. With over 60 major job portals and more than 4 million job vacancies, you can start applying to suitable job vacancies as soon as possible.

Consider this: the competition for the best jobs in the employment market is a daily reality in Germany. And it's also not uncommon for German employees to write hundreds of applications until they finally find the ideal job and have signed the contract.
As a foreign worker, you should even make more effort to get an attractive job in Germany!

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Problem Solving

We'll solve your application troubles

Regarding the actual job application process: we are proud to present you a world premiere, which will render your written job application efforts almost unnecessary!  has developed a new and unique system that puts you immediately in direct contact with suitable job providers: our Job Butler.

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Job Search

Let our Job Butler take care of your job applications. He will find the appropriate employer for you, while you sit back and relax in your armchair.

And it works like this:

  • The Job Butler – that's our intelligent software – professionally and effectively prepares your application documents.
  • He'll promptly perform a daily (!) search in over 60 selected German job portals with a total of over 4.2 million job vacancies, looking for the right job for you.
  • He makes contact (in the German language of course) with suitable employers on your behalf: he sends your application, answers questions, sends additional documentation if required, he checks your application status if needed and determines the level of interest that the company has in your application.
  • Only after a company shows clear interest in your application will the Job Butler get in touch with you:
    He will then suggest how and when to directly contact the company.
  • He sends you a monthly overview, with the names of all companies that were contacted on your behalf and the status of your job applications with those companies.
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Use all of the five job-search advantages that our Job Butler offers you.

Your advantages:

  1. You're searching 24/7 - systematically and extensively, in over 60 selected German job portals with a total of over 4.2 million job vacancies.
  2. This enormously increases your chances of finding a job, due to the vast amount of applications.
  3. You save a huge amount of work and time.
  4. You avoid the frustrations of rejection.
  5. You'll have personal contact only when it's established that a company is clearly interested in you - when they are virtually approach YOU!

So let our Job Butler take care of the time-consuming, frustrating job-search and application work for you!

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Who will help me ?


We will. Because we are your ideal partner.

The Job-Butler alone is not enough. After all, who will help you with all questions and tasks prior to your job application? And who will help you if necessary when you are in Germany?

We will.

We are a German owned company. Our parent company, which is more than 35 years active in Germany, has daughter companies in three countries. We are registered with official bodies (such as IHK, GPCCI, TÜV, DDV) and our international team members work closely and enthusiastically together via daily Skype, telephone and email contact.

We are able to assist you with your career as proficiently from Germany as from abroad - we know that's very important for you!

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What we CAN do for you

1. We will check on your behalf:

    • whether your professional profile allows you as a foreigner, to work in Germany
    • whether your professional qualifications are recognized in Germany.
    • what we can recommend to you, based on your personality structure and in relationship to your possible employment in Germany.
    • if and to what extent, you are required to learn the German language.
    • which job application documents you should prepare for your job in Germany
    • which entry documents you should obtain for your subsequent employment in Germany.

2. We will advise you, among other things, on the following:

  • your career opportunities in Germany
  • your personal opportunities and requirements for obtaining a German work permit
  • your life and work in Germany.

3. We will take care of the job application work for you. Which includes:

  • the complete search for suitable job vacancies in Germany
  • as well as the complete written job application process
  • determine the companies interested in you
  • and the pre-arrangement of the personal contact by the employer

(Remember: all of this is done by our fabulous Job Butler!)

4. We will assist you with:

  • preparation of your application documents for Germany
  • your active job search in Germany
  • the relocation process and settling in your new job in Germany
  • your residence in Germany.

5. We also provide you with

  • brochures and recommended external sources of information, as well as well-written information on "working and living in Germany".

6. We will look after you:

  • because active involvement is often better than written text. We are also at your disposal upon request during your entire emigration - before, during, and even after you have moved to Germany - actively with advice and assistance.

In summary: We will not abandon you.

Note: Individual consulting services will only be provided with prior agreement and at a specified fee.

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What we WON'T do for you

We do not offer you our own job vacancies.

We also won't refer you to potential employers. We are not a job agency or a manpower/recruitment agency.

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How much does it cost?

Our Services and Fees

Find out here what services we offer. Click on those you would want to use.

Here you find our services and fees
Your Financing Possibilities

You want to emigrate, but don't have the resources?
We help you to reduce the costs of job-seeking and emigration, potentionally reducing them to zero!

We've thought about finding a solution for quite some time.
We know that many who are willing to migrate have little, or almost no money. That's why we try to make our services as affordable as possible, or even completely free and we've found it:

Option 1:
Mention our '' website to your friends, colleagues and family! We're sure that there are several people in your social circle who would like to emigrate. And make sure that these people enter your name and address as the referee when they register.
For each person that becomes our customer thanks to your recommendation, you will earn 20 percent of the amount they paid to us! Immediately after their payment has reached us we automatically transfer 20 percent of this amount to your account!
With just five of such references you will get our services completely free!
And it doesn't stop there: Every person you recommended can also refer other people and possibly use our services for free as well!
What's more: you might even not migrate to Germany alone, but possibly go with friends or family members ...

Option 2:
Invite your friends, colleagues and family members to like our Facebook Page! For every fifty referrals you get 1 euro discount on our '' services!
Sending invitations to your Facebook friends is quite simple:
Log into your JobMatch account (you haven't yet registered for free? Just do it here) and choose 'Invite Facebook Friends'. From there you simply choose all your friends who you want to invite.
It's worth it! Because you earn your discount with us, regardless of whether your Facebook friends use our service or not!

Those are two great ways to ensure that your '' costs are partially or even completely eliminated!

We even go one step further! We will transfer all your referral fees to your account, even if the total of the referral fees that you earned exceeds the amount that you paid for our services. You can use this money to cover any additional costs such as German language course, consultation, airfare, etc.


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That's Germany

  • A great place to earn money!
  • A great place to live!

You want to live in Germany? Even if it's just temporarily? Then you should discover some of the advantages of this country …

  • Germany has no active volcanoes, no significant earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or typhoons, and there are no dangerous wild animals.
  • Germany has a low crime rate and a very low corruption rate
  • Germany has an excellent judicial, educational and health system
  • Germany knows practically no racism
  • Germany stands for cosmopolitanism, hospitality and friendliness towards strangers
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Germany and the world

Living as a foreigner in Germany

  • Germany is one of the best places to live in globally. It is very wealthy with a strong economy. It's a safe and peaceful country.
  • Germany is a lovely country. In a 2013-conducted survey by the BBC with 26,000 people from 25 different countries, Germany was voted as "The most popular country in the world".
  • Germany is cosmopolitan and multi-cultural – 9 percent (almost 7.5 million) of its population are foreigners. And not all of them originate from Europe: they come from all continents and from all countries.
  • About two-thirds of them have live more than 8 years in Germany. Many became self-employed or took up leading positions in German companies. And they are welcomed as friendly and peaceful neighbors by the open-minded Germans.
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Quality of life

Enjoy Germany!

  • Germany is now the number 1 tourist destination in the world. More than 15 million tourists from around the world stayed in German hotels in 2013.
  • Germany has internationally renowned resort areas like the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Black Forest, Sauerland, Bodensee, Chiemsee, Allgäu and the Bavarian Alps.
  • Germany offers art, culture and science of the highest standards. Some of the greatest painters, poets, composers, as well as many other famous scientists from various disciplines were born in Germany.
  • Germany knows how to work, as well as how to live! The successful German economy stands as an example of the German way of working. World renowned festivals like the Oktoberfest, international music shows and sporting events, as well as many thousands of well-attended bars, discos, nightclubs, excellent restaurants and hotels are examples of the German way of living.
  • Germany has attractive, world famous cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Dresden – Additionally, there are hundreds of charming smaller towns and picturesque villages.
  • You can easily travel by car or plane from Germany to other interesting and famous European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm and Brussels.
  • Germany has four distinct seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter. And all four seasons have their own unique appeal!
  • Thanks to the large temperature range, there's a lot of recreational fun: go for a swim in the sea, in rivers, or in the pools, with summer temperatures above 98° F. The wintertime, with temperatures as far as 5° F, provides ideal opportunities for sports such as skiing, skating and sledding.
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